The Essential Details to Keep the Air Conditioner Perfect

During the summer, those who live in large cities activate the air conditioner due to the high temperatures and the presence of high humidity.

The parameters for an ideal microclimate in the home (temperature, humidity and ventilation) are a source of strong debate, how long can the air conditioner stay on? How many degrees do we enter? But how much will it cost me in the bill? If the rooms of the house are sunny, poorly ventilated and roofs and floors are not well insulated, the temperature inside the house can even exceed the external one.

  • Prolonged periods in the use of internal conditioning can cause periods of discomfort, mainly due to changes in temperature between inside and outside.

The topic is very broad, but we want to share with you some tips for a correct use of the air conditioner in the summer. It is the right time for the use of the best in aircon servicing singapore now.

Health and Safety in Homes

Here are some simple but important measures to put into practice during the hottest days of the summer to improve the housing climate and counter the risks to the health and safety of the most fragile people.

  • Shield the windows and windows facing south and west, using shutters and blinds.
  • Ventilate the rooms during the hottest hours of the day, such as in the early hours or at night.

Use air conditioning systems and use the fans. Spending a few hours in these conditioned environments helps to significantly reduce the frequency of adverse health effects. However, the use of mechanical fans alone, although they move the air, does not help to lower the temperature, but stimulate perspiration and therefore dehydration.

Proper Use of Air Conditioning

As for the use of air conditioners, there are some important precautions especially with regard to maintenance. For this reason we want to emphasize more some aspects that are particularly close to our hearts. You need to be sure about the good at aircon servicing singapore in this regard.

The Maintenance

Many think that, once purchased, the air conditioner is “forever”, ignoring that it must constantly be subject to cleaning and maintenance, a little ‘attention, in fact, not only improves the performance of the product, but extends its life. For this reason, the filters should be checked and cleaned every two months and, if they are in bad condition, replaced. Once every year, the evaporation coil and the discharge channel should be checked. And do not forget to check that the fixtures in the house are in good condition and do not disperse, depending on the season, fresh air or heat.