All you need to know about Journalists

The Journalist is the one who writes articles, general news, reports, comments or reviews for newspapers and magazines (paper and online), or those who develop services, interviews and in-depth studies for television or radio stations, or those who moderate meetings for these broadcasters.

Generally speaking, Journalists specialize in a specific sector, such as:

  • the black or pink chronicle
  • domestic or foreign policy
  • the sport
  • the cinema

The Journalist can belong to the editorial office of one or more newspapers and magazines (or of television and radio programs), and therefore be employed, or he can work as a freelance, presenting his work from time to time to those who are interested.

There are two specific Journalist Profiles:

  • the journalist , that is, who carries out journalistic activities in a continuous and paid by having other jobs or occupations
  • the professional journalist , that is, who carries out journalistic activities exclusively, without having any other occupation

The journalist is an interesting profession for sociable and inquisitive people. It involves constant communication with different people and participation in events. Many journalists become famous people and opinion leaders.

Who is a journalist and what does he do?

The essence of the journalist’s profession is the search and processing of interesting and important information for the public. Based on the collected data, news, articles, reports, broadcasts on radio and television are released. In their materials, journalists can draw attention to important issues, cause public debate, and reflect different points of view on any events.

In the process of work, a journalist has to communicate a lot, travel on business, including foreign ones. Take interviews, take photos and more. This is an interesting profession for active people.

The profession of a journalist may be unsafe, especially if a specialist investigates or works in hot spots, in a war zone, and covers acute social and political issues.

Pros and Cons of the Profession of a Journalist


  • Interesting and creative work.
  • Journalists constantly communicate with interesting people.
  • Many travel around the country and abroad.
  • Lead an active lifestyle.
  • Always in the middle of the action.
  • Many journalists become famous people.

Also, the advantages of the journalistic profession depend on the sphere in which the specialist works. For example, collaborating with popular GEO-journals, you can visit different parts of the country and the world. Working in the presidential pool means to be in the center of events. Working in gloss, plunge into the world of fashion.


  • Often irregular working hours.
  • Often you have to work in emergency mode.
  • Stress.

The number of disadvantages of the profession as a journalist can also be attributed to the low salaries of young professionals.